Once the rates go up, they don’t come back down

Need a solution for attracting more rain to increase our water supply? Raise the water rates when the supply is low (The Maui News, Feb. 16).

My experience is that whenever there’s a rate increase by any branch of government for any service, it never goes back down. As far as I know, one of the few people who gets paid for being wrong is the weatherman. My experience also has been that if it doesn’t rain for two weeks we’re in a drought situation.

When do they decide to drop the rates? After three days of flooding? It seems like most ideas come with rate increases. Why not try increasing the water retention system? This is old news. Less sugar cane, same amount or more water. More people, same water supply system. How do they pay for sugar cane water? We pay twice for ours. Personal maintenance and disposal.

Here’s an idea: Come to Paia at Kalahao and cut the koa for a beach park that was supposed to be done when James “Kimo” Apana became mayor, based on an agreement between the County Council and Alexander & Baldwin.

Henry Kahula Jr.