Parent grateful for the help showed to daughter

My daughter recently traveled to Kihei to live with her boyfriend and work. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out with the boyfriend.

The evening that she was asked to leave the apartment, it was pouring rain. As she walked down the street carrying all her belongings, a young couple stopped their car and offered to help her. They drove her to a restaurant for some food, called some hotels and drove her to the one that had a room.

Once at the hotel, she was assured everything would work out. She was provided with a clean, comfortable, safe place to stay. She was relieved when she was told that she could stay a little past checkout the next day while she made her travel arrangements to return home.

I wish a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who helped make her life a little easier, a little brighter and safe while she was there.

Thank you to the girls in the coffee shop. Thank you to the lady bus passenger who paid her fare when she didn’t have the correct change. Thank you to the cab driver who helped her run errands, took her to lunch and drove her to the airport – all for a very small fare.

I don’t know who any of these people are, but thanks to each of them my daughter was able to come home safe and sound. These people have reaffirmed my belief in humanity, kindness and mercy.

Thank you. God bless you.

Tom Ludwig

Airmont, N.Y.