Patience in the vehicle yields bountiful fruit

Patience is, like all virtues, out of the realm of time. Having said this, it is the vehicle which realizes the fruits of all the other virtues.

When you, key word here, practice patience in any area of life, it defies time, as when it is realized, you are now in that time and it matters not what was before or after. We are always in that time, are we not? The weeks, months, years seem to pass but we stay fixed in that time.

Let’s call that time the instant. We are always there, always. Remember this when stuck in traffic or a line or whatever the situation. Then practice the other virtues and allow patience to drive those virtues to your destination.

I believe Confucius said, “Turn unto virtue and lo, it is there.” Soren Kierkegaard said, “The instant is the gateway to eternity.”

Jack Kerr