Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary explained

In 1961, at Garabandal, Spain, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to four girls. The theme of Mary’s visit, once again, was to call humanity back to God.

Mother Mary gave prophecies about three events for the world: the Warning, the Miracle and the Chastisement. The Warning and the Miracle will be the last opportunity for conversion.

The Warning will be both celestial in nature (like a comet passing in the sky) and interior as well.

Each person will see their own sins as God sees them, and experience the pain they have caused. The event has been described as what final judgment will be like. Apparently some living in great mortal sin will be so terrified, they will die of fright.

Luz de Maria de Bonilla, a modern prophet, experienced a part of the Universal Warning in 2008: “. . . my soul was anguished . . . all the sins started to weave within me . . .”

She experienced the suffering of those about to take their own lives and what a baby feels when being aborted.

The Miracle will be a happy event for the Church as well as a visible, but untouchable thing left at Garabandal.

Hypotheses of the happy church event are that the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches will reunite.

This is alluded to when Jesus told Vassula Ryden, who is Greek Orthodox: “I will revive My Church with My Power; flower, I will be the One who will bless My children of Garabandal;” (5Feb89).

Melissa B. Prince