Requirements for gun ownership strict in Hawaii

I am so tired of reading in the opinions about irresponsible gun owners that I could puke.

Currently in Hawaii, firearms have to be registered with the police department. But first, to purchase a firearm, you are required to take and pass a National Rifle Association-certified pistol and rifle safety course, along with a fingerprint and background check before you are even allowed to get a permit to acquire a firearm.

I am a NRA-certified Range Safety Officer with one of many qualified groups that teach the safety courses, and we take firearm safety very very seriously. We teach not only how to use a firearm but the responsibility and consequences of owning a firearm.

People who are totally misinformed think that anybody can go out and acquire a firearm. Not true. Background checks and firearm education are required in Hawaii.

All I can say is that between the State of Hawaii and the firearm safety courses taught, there are hundreds of responsible gun owners who have done everything lawfully right to have the privilege of owning a firearm.

Get your facts straight, people.

Steve W. Kear