Room for honest disagreement, but not haters

I recently wrote (Letters, Jan. 28) about how President Barack Obama is beloved, and how the Obama haters are fringe characters. I struck a nerve.

Let’s see if I can clarify even more. Mitt Romney voters are not homogenous. Most just have a different political perspective than the president. Those who have honest disagreements with the president and/or who appreciated what Romney had to say voted for Romney. So, fine then. We don’t all have to agree.

But then there’s those other voters – those accusing the president of being born in Kenya, a Manchurian out to destroy the country, a Muslim, a racist, a tyrant and any other bilious description they can think of. Many of them just don’t know what to believe. They’re confused and rage feels good to them.

Then there are the real bigots – frankly, the white supremacists – who feel entitled to an America where the races compete based on skin color in a win-or-lose society.

Both of these fringe elements submit themselves to manipulation by hatemongering profiteers out to make money from government policies like Fox News and the Koch brothers.

So, to those who voted for Romney out of honest disagreement with the president or honest appreciation for the Republican philosophy, good for you. Keep an open mind as America prospers under good-faith government.

But the haters – whose cause is lost forever – just keep on reminding us all that hate is to be shunned.

Rick Tolin