Sound development a must for Kihei

I commend the Hawaii Land Use Commission for its thorough review of the Kihei mega-mall case. Given the LUC’s ruling on Thursday that three conditions of its original order were violated (The Maui News, Feb. 7), the California developer now must seriously consider amending its outdated application so that all appropriate impact studies can be conducted, or even abandoning the project. Hopefully, it will do so before the LUC has to take up the issue of what remedy to impose for the three violations.

The burden also shifts to the county Planning Department to do what is pono. The county, including Kihei, needs sound, strategic development projects to provide jobs and expand the tax base. It’s time to fast-track a true town center for Kihei as proposed makai of Piilani Shopping Center, a high school and, somewhere, a new reservoir.

Bill Snipes