Stopping crime should be the priority in Makawao

Park benches, new lighting, new landscaping and bands for Third Friday: Let’s all face reality.

I am a merchant and business manager in Makawao town. Our streets are flooded with homelessness and crime. Either it’s a break-in, window smashing, drug use and drug dealing, cars vandalized, fighting or verbal arguments. We need to make some changes before we start spending money on benches, landscaping and bands.

This is a warning to all our citizens and politicians.

We need help to fix these problems – maybe find a place for the homeless to live, more police to stop the crimes, and more alertness from the merchant/community associations and politicians to correct these problems before we put in new benches for more people to sleep on and prey on our merchants’ inventories.

More homeless and hungry people means more crime to survive.

It’s time to wake up. Our small cozy town is going in the wrong direction. We need help. No more grants until we get this under control.

John Webby