Support bills requiring the labeling of GMO foods

Time to speak up for labeling of genetically engineered foods, also known as GE or GMO foods. Hawaii House and Senate bills HB174 and SB615 are in process.

Seventy to 80 percent of our U.S. food supply has genetically engineered ingredients without public knowledge of their accumulative effects. Precaution and labeling are needed.

Twenty-nine countries ban growing GMOs or putting them in food, and 61 countries restrict or label them. They know what we as a public do not.

Think: Why do our companies not GMO label for us in America, but do for them? Stand up now for the right to know, as a U.S. population, what GE is in our food and give us back the power to, at a minimum, have it labeled in our state.

Let your legislators know you want transparency with GE in your food. You do not consent to unlabeled genetic engineering in your food since the public is not informed regarding genetic engineering – known and unknown – regulatory effects on the body and it is your inalienable right to be informed regarding what you put in your body, as well as have control over your own genetic lines. Express concern for lack of contained human studies where prior consent should have been required.

I’ve reviewed four studies on labeling costs that counter industry claims on significant cost to consumers. Unfortunately, California’s “Right to Know Initiative” ran out of money to counter consumer cost fear propaganda by big industry.

Hold the line. Testify.

Unmani Cynthia Groves