Support requested for bill against killing pets

Please support Senate Bill 197 to ban the killing of pet dogs, cats and horses for human consumption in Hawaii.

Protect our four-legged friends from cruelty in paradise and join other countries in Asia that have enacted such bans.

Please phone Sen. Clayton Hee at (808) 586-6180 and Vice Chairwoman Sen. Maile Shimabukuro at (808) 586-7793 to schedule a hearing for SB197, sponsored by Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland.

Please call Rep. Karl Rhoads to hear House Bill 1349, a companion bill sponsored by Rep Mele Carroll.

If you live in Kihei, please call your Rep. Kaniela Ing at (808) 586-8525 to ask Rhoads to hear HB1349 and Sen. Roz Baker to ask Hee to hear SB197. Please call your legislators wherever in Hawaii you live to ask these legislators to schedule hearings and that you support this bill and its companion.

Please see to track the bills to see when a hearing is scheduled. Then please send testimonials on this site supporting the bills online.

Jim Mason, author of “An Unnatural Order: Roots of Our Destruction of Nature,” states: “Animals have been regarded as property for way too long. It’s high time we took on a more loving and responsible relationship with our kindred beings in the web of life on this beautiful planet. I always think and act as a guardian towards my kindred beings, never as their owner.”

Please write letters to the editor discussing the bills too. Please send in feedback.

Barbara Steinberg