Thanks a lot, LUC, for standing in way of progress

Hoorah for the state Land Use Commission. I applaud the commission for rejecting the new project in Kihei (The Maui News, Feb. 8).

Maui doesn’t need another box store, we have two and a Costco. That seems enough to supply all the Mauians, especially when Walmart’s shelves go empty while waiting on the barge.

Why would we need another commercial project? Mauians don’t need yet another job. Most are working multiple jobs now to make ends meet.

Why would Maui need affordable housing? This would only deprive homeowners from renting out every room in their house, converting the shed to a studio or adding multiple nonpermitted structures to their yards.

Thank you, LUC, for not depriving us from driving down the highway and enjoying the red dirt blowing across the highway, the dry grass, tax base, a high school, the barren land that so represents progress and, of course, not depriving the homeless of a place to squat.

Mahalo, LUC, for standing by your guns and stopping progress since 1995. I’m sure light industrial is a much better plan than a town center, a mall, jobs, affordable housing and the complete infrastructure that accompanies progress.

Mark Wilson