There’s more than one way to spay and neuter pets

Mahalo to Ron Youngblood for helping raise awareness about the need to fix our pets in his Feb. 14 “Maui Nei” column.

Ron is an old-school malahini and his perspective takes us back to hanabata days, though his information these days sometimes is a little dated.

The Maui Humane Society is not the only game in town these days when it comes to fixing a cat or dog. Both 9th Life Hawaii and SPCA Maui have programs which have helped fix thousands of pets in the last year. SPCA and 9th Life have programs that can help without regard to ability to pay. In fact, there is a mass clinic sponsored by SPCA Maui coming up March 3 in Central Maui.

Thanks again for spreading the word about how important it is to spay and neuter. Next time, how about spreading the word about how to do it too?

Peter Tierney