Tongue-in-cheek offer made to share jackpot

I am so happy, I want to share the news and my good fortune.

Last week, I received an email out of the blue informing me that Mr. Allen Large and his dear wife, Violet, had won a jackpot lottery of $11.3 million in July 2010 and have decided to donate the sum of $500,000 to me as part of their own charity project to improve the lives of five lucky individuals all over the world.

In order to collect my “valid Bank Draft of $500,000.00 USD,” I need to contact Skynet Courier Services in the West African nation of Benin and pay the small delivery fee of $260 to assure my identification and authenticity.

My immediate problem is that I don’t have the $260 necessary to collect, so I am extending my good fortune to those willing to help me raise this fee. Anyone willing to send me a bank note of $100 will be cut into my lottery earnings for $100,000. The first four people willing to help me out will be sent their earnings of $100,000 as soon as my $500,000 has been received and placed into my bank account.

You can count on this guarantee. This way I am assuring that there will be five lucky individuals here on this lovely island of Maui. Charity begins at home. Don’t delay.

Keith Echeverri