Too many in media fail to question Obama policies

A Feb. 12 letter writer complains how The Maui News is not fair to our beloved president and is acting like the Hawaii arm of Fox News. My thanks to a source that gives credit to the opposite view of politics from the left. Why complain when you and the left already have the big three – ABC, NBC, CBS – and The New York Times, which never question President Barack Obama and his failed policies?

Have you ever noticed how this beloved president manages to stay clear of controversial subjects like “Fast & Furious,” Benghazi or the Texas Massacre? Also stays clear of serious debates like the fiscal cliff. Has Nancy Pelosi go out and sell Obamacare. Why? Could it be he doesn’t want to accept blame? Follows up how he chose only to vote “present” while in Congress.

How’s about the method he uses against those successful businessmen who make lots of money and do not pay their fair share of taxes? Then he appears on TV and tells us how the government is helping to educate us so we can all become successful just like those bad, money-grabbing entrepreneurs.

Ronald Owen