Upcountry water users shouldn’t be singled out

I just read that the County Council is considering higher rates for areas that are declared in a drought condition (The Maui News, Jan. 31).

Would that include Wailea and Kihei, which are in a year-round drought condition? They get their water from the West Maui Mountains, so why are we just punishing Upcountry residents?

It was stated that there are 35,000 water meters countywide and it would not be practical to enforce only the offending water users. Aren’t meter readings taken? A simple computer program would tell you that, which I know already exists because they send a letter out at least bimonthly telling your electricity use and how that compares to your neighbors.

If we can pump water to South Maui, we can back up to the Upcountry system with existing waterlines.

Lance Wendel