Waging war for profit is the business of America

In “Protecting the country” (Today’s Editorial, Feb. 16), the publisher of this publication expressed concern that the U.S. military budget might be cut by a few billion dollars in the ongoing so-called sequester in Congress.

Really? The most feared and powerful empire in the history of Earth is in danger of reducing its annual trillion-dollar-plus expenditures by a few paltry billion? The country with 5,000-plus nuclear warheads is in danger from a small Asian country which allegedly tested another weapon?

The American empire will face constant danger until the day it stops allowing corporations to make its decisions and to wage wars for profit. If you really want to protect our country, you should back the United Nations and support a mandatory worldwide nuclear weapons ban.

War is business, and the business of America is war. The business of American newspapers is to support the military-industrial complex without serious question. The strength of a country should not be confused with its power to bully and control the rest of the world.

John R. Hall