Ways to make bicycling friendlier, safer in Hawaii

I was searching for a city that closes main roads to bicycles for two hours a day to let people get to work and back safely when I ran across Bicycle Sundays. It happens in Rochester, N.Y., Seattle and San Mateo County, Calif. (Google “Bicycle Sundays.”)

Seattle has added 127 miles of protected bike paths since 2007. Fourteen-hundred bikes cross a main bridge in Seattle every day, and Seattle has the worst weather in the country for bikes.

All three locations shut off a fairly flat oceanside road to vehicles and people ride without fear of being hit by a car. It is usually funded by public and private funds.

This should be a much-needed free event for locals. A small fee for tourists, and huge fun and exercise for everyone encouraging more bicycle use. Helmets are mandatory and kids can learn safe bicycle rules while having fun with friends and family.

The north road on Maui is wide enough for bikes and could be for advanced with the back road to Hana for beginners and once a year the road to Hana, bikes only.

Hawaii has the best weather in the world for biking but few protected bike paths. People make right turns in the bike lane going to Walmart, and everyone cuts into the bike lane going under the bridge in Wailuku. The bus even cuts into the bike lane going to Lahaina.

Write the governor and mayor. Let’s make Bicycle Sundays happen in Hawaii.

Mark Saylors