Amendment not meant to be used against government

The letter “Amendment’s protections must be guarded” (Letters, March 13) is apparently a thinly veiled call to anarchy if government violates the writer’s interpretation of our constitutional rights.

The letter writer states that “you have the right to keep and bare arms against . . . an increasingly tyrannical power craving government.” The letter ends by saying that the rights given us by our founders were paid for by blood and by imploring us to “jealously guard the Second Amendment.”

Our Founding Fathers wisely provided for the rule of law and for a judicial body to settle any disputes as to what is and what is not constitutional. Without a final and independent arbiter, nothing would be settled and chaos would probably ensue.

As Archibald Cox, former Watergate special prosecutor and constitutional law professor, once said: “If the Supreme Court says it ’tis, it ’tis even if it ’tisn’t.” Cox was paraphrasing what his dad said to him regarding his mom when he was young.

Two major purposes of the Second Amendment were to fight against foreign invaders and to resist insurrections at home. The founders feared that factions within our country would fight our constitutional government and try to take the law into their own hands.

Joe Clarkson