America deserves better than the current president

How will our president be remembered?

The president who spent $5 trillion in four years.

The president who created the sequester which forced drastic spending cuts.

Who presided over the Senate that has the president’s majority party for four years, but has not passed a budget in his entire term.

The president who submitted three budgets to the Senate and all were defeated by his own party 98 percent.

The president who, after presiding over and creating the sequester and huge deficit, had the gall to threaten vetoing a bill to give him the power to manage and reallocate the cuts to nonessential government services to reduce hardship on the people of America, yet still reduce the deficit.

So he creates a mess of deficit and sequester then avoids responsibility to take a balanced approach to clean it up. Why do we send such arrogance in the highest office in the land? Why do we put up with such irresponsible management? Such deceit.

He might be remembered as the president who fought the states that choose to manage illegal aliens, or the president who advocated drones killing Americans without due process. Or the president who wants to take our First and Second Amendment rights. Or who holds other countries and Islam in higher esteem than the USA and Christianity. Who thrives on creating crisis.

Is this the president who represents the people of America? America deserves better. It is a sad day.

Thomas Fairbanks