Being held hostage by MECO’s dictatorial policies

Heeding the advice of federal, state and county governments and environmentalists, I decided to harness the sun and light to reduce the cost of electricity and to become bit less reliant on foreign oil.

How naive I was to think it would be easy, as I am now being held hostage by Maui Electric Co. and its incredibly deliberating polices for those wanting to make a change. I am told I must pay $3,000 to MECO to do a study on its antiquated grid in my area, and that such an expensive study would also take 150 days or so.

No wonder the U.S. is falling behind.

MECO’s message to me is quite clear. It is a corporate attempt by a monopoly to stop me from doing what I am asked to do, and to continue to pay some of the most expensive electricity rates in the world. I also know that I have many friends who face a similar situation.

Where is appropriate legislative and Public Utilities Commission control over the dictatorial polices of MECO and its monopoly? And where is any relief for me, the taxpayer and consumer who wishes to improve the environment? I am both frustrated and angry at yet another inability to better control my economic destiny.

Profits and stockholders seem far more important than my desire to emulate what China, Europe and other progressive nations are doing to better build efficient, modern electrical grids.

Vincent Linares