Bill for water use, sewer use should be separated

I read with interest the comments and articles on the request for increase for water rates.

I have no problem with an increase to cover reasonable operating costs. But I urge you to clearly look at your water bill. Sixty-one percent of mine is for sewer costs. The sewer charges are based on water consumption. I use 1,000 gallons of water, I pay for 1,000 gallons of sewer use.

My issue is, in a single-family residence, I’ll bet that way more than half of my water consumption goes on my lawn, shrubs and trees and never touches the sewer system.

That’s the absurd portion of my water bill. I feel that the billing should be adjusted for that lack of sewer use that most of us are being billed for.

I could reduce my bill by $50 to $100 a month if they billed the sewer portion based on my use of the sewer. There is no correlation between water use and sewer use in a single-family home. Mayor, look into that one.

Dan Wittern