Bills relating to long-term care deserve support

Long-term care is one of those things that you don’t worry about until you need it.

Of course, by then, it may be too late, if you, like most of us, failed to plan for this almost inevitable what-if scenario.

You may discover that the often sudden need for long-term care may cost you your life savings, your property and any other assets you may own. It is a budget-devastating expense that hits many by surprise.

Fortunately, our Hawaii legislators are poised to take action to prevent this from happening to state residents. During this legislative session, the state Senate and the state House are voting on SB104 and HB1, which basically seek “to appropriate funds to the Executive Office on Aging of the Department of Health to administer a public education and awareness campaign on long-term care and obtain an independent evaluation of the campaign.”

I am very grateful that The Maui News is helping to spread the word about our need for long-term care options. A Feb. 20 article was an excellent description of the problem facing our aging community. As is often stated, knowledge is power, and that certainly is the first step in the planning process.

Please encourage your senator and representative to vote in favor of SB104 and HB1.

Mary D. Wagner