Brave child serves as example of right behavior

I was a visitor to Kihei when I read the coverage of Eileen Parkman (The Maui News, March 10), who stood up to bullies.

Her actions were the bravest I have heard of in some time, and I applaud The Maui News for putting it on the front page.

A little girl equipped with only words and a sense of right and wrong did what many of us hope we would do if confronted with injustice, but few actually do. We give lip service to anti-bullying programs, but when these same children follow the advice, does the school support their actions? In this case it appears not. They could learn something from this child rather than hiding behind policies. Step up and say and do the right thing.

We give awards to heroes with guns, but seldom to those with words.

I hope that this recognition from the Maui Autism Center is not the only reward Eileen receives. Because this is not just about children, autism or bullying. The state, country and the world should recognize this kind of bravery.

And we as individuals need to be there for those willing to defend right with the truth, be it whistle-blowers or children with only their voice. Confronting wrong behavior early prevents it from growing into something or someone powerful and unstoppable.

Llaesa North

Prince George, British Columbia