Building high school takes priority over new mall

While I am aware that the building of the new Kihei high school is a function of the state government, our county government should put its focus on the completion of the school over the mall project.

All, including Mayor Alan Arakawa, would agree that the education of Maui’s children is more important than the opportunity for locals or visitors to buy a new handbag or a pair of shoes at the proposed outlet mall.

There will be construction jobs in either case for the benched workers (The Maui News, Feb. 15). Put them to work to build the new high school in a private/state partnership like the one that got Kamalii Elementary built in an expedient and timely fashion.

Moreover, there are dozens of empty spaces in Lahaina that are earmarked for the outlet mall idea proposed for Kihei, there is no need for another one. The jobs our kids will get with a better education will be more rewarding than the jobs they’ll get at a new mall in Kihei.

Walter Chihara