Bullying of girl should lead to assault charges

Regarding “Defender of the defenseless” (The Maui News, March 10): That young girl is a hero.

Those boys should be arrested for assault. Pushing her down and stepping all over her arms and legs, leaving shoe marks all over her body. What more evidence do they need?

Then to continue the assaults on future dates with older boys kicking her and throwing balls at her face? They need to be expelled and charged.

For the school officials to tell her dad they would report him to Child Protective Services for pulling her out of school is outrageous. They need to be reported to CPS for allowing the assaults to continue. I can only imagine how hard a decision it was to pull her out of school and away from her friends, but safety is the utmost concern. Kudos to her doctors for telling him bluntly she is not safe.

It was a great article, and I for one would like a follow-up article on what happened next. All parents of our children in all Maui schools should pay attention to this.

Debbie Patton