Climate deniers cause of delay in needed change

One of the most important reasons that we (in particular, the United States) are so ill-prepared to deal with global warming and climate change is the existence of a dedicated band of climate deniers.

Some of these people are sincere but misinformed. Some are on the payroll of the fossil fuel industry. Some are political, intent on blocking constructive action.

Taken as a whole, their goal is not so much to disprove the truth but to raise doubt and thus produce delay. Slowing regulation of greenhouse gas emissions and adoption of cleaner, more-efficient fuels and industrial processes is very much in the interest of the fossil fuel industry and those who profit from it.

The climate deniers have been very successful. Untroubled by considerations of truth and reality, they have undercut the urgency that ought to be driving the national and global response to a very real climate catastrophe.

Byron W. Baker