Closing recycling centers would be step backward

I understand that one of the considerations for the county’s budget for next year is to shut down the county’s neighborhood recycling centers. What a step backward.

The county made a big deal about the pilot curbside recycling program in Maui Meadows, which seemed to me to be too little too late but at least a step forward. If this pilot program were instituted islandwide, I might begin to understand closing the neighborhood recycling centers. But now?

Closing the neighborhood recycling centers will surely discourage people from recycling, thus significantly adding to the waste stream and accelerating the closure of limited landfill space. What are they thinking? Certainly not about the long-term effects to the environment and the citizens of Maui. If the county takes these steps steps backward, what will be done to encourage recycling and gain back the ground lost on this important issue?

Believe me when I say that if closing the neighborhood recycling centers comes to pass without a suitable substitute, whoever voted to do so will lose my vote in any future election and I will also encourage my friends and neighbors to follow suit.

Keith Scott