Council should be cutting, not adding positions

On Facebook it was said that the county is looking for a communications director for the County Council.

I strongly object to establishing such a position. It is definitely an unnecessary expense. The county should look to cutting positions, not establishing new ones for a bureaucracy that is already out of control. As a taxpayer, I strongly object.

It will merely be a vehicle for public relations for the existing council members, giving them even more of an incumbency advantage in the next election. Naturally that is the reason they would like it.

Any council member who would truly like to communicate with his or her constituents should look at the blog on Facebook being written by state Sen. Laura Thielen. I consider this an outstanding example of communication. It is two-way communication, not one-way like PR announcements and PR photos or formal newsletters. She explains the rather arcane political process of the Senate, brings important matters to the attention of the public and is a good writer herself. I wish our Maui senators and representatives were following her example. And it is free to the taxpayer.

I realize that the council probably wants parity with the mayor, but there is a good argument to be made for the county publicizing its official announcements. I consider the PR aspect of the mayor’s communications also unnecessary.

Please shoot down this proposal, if it indeed exists.

Sally Raisbeck