Demand better service from Internet provider

Hawaiian Telcom has advertising stating “Hawaii’s Best Internet.” Is this true?

As one of the people who have no choice regarding high-speed Internet providers due to location, I have to use Hawaiian Telcom DSL service.

DSL, by nature, is supposed to have a stable and fairly steady amount of bandwidth and capacity. However, Hawaiian Telcom has overloaded its circuits.

As an engineer and a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, after several attempts to work with the technicians, I can see that Hawaiian Telcom has kept adding customer after customer in this area without putting the funds into expanding the service to keep up any modicum of real standard. Any other telephone company of stature would simply not add more customers until the expansion of facilities is done. Here it is the opposite.

At night and on weekends, the data rate is far less than dial-up speeds, yet the company demands full pay for a month’s service from all subscribers. This is a corporate decision, one that is driven by corporate greed and lack of social consciousness.

Since the parent company is an out-of-state conglomerate and this is an unregulated industry, there is little recourse to the company’s actions except to write a letter to the editor and call or write the corporate offices to complain.

Shame on Hawaiian Telcom for taking such advantage of our local people. Please let Hawaiian Telcom know your opinion.

Sean Lester