Dog came to stay, gave new appreciation of life

I thought that I was as happy as I could be. But on a drizzling day, a dog that I had never seen before came around my workshop and froze when she saw me as she was unsure of my reaction. When I called out, “Hi dog,” I thought that I would be attacked when she opened her mouth so widely, but then I saw her tail rapidly moving back and forth and I realized that she was grinning at me.

Days later, she returned and I called to Lisa that “there is a cute dog in the yard,” to which she replied, “I don’t care about a cute dog.” The dog heard her voice and immediately ran to the window and demonstrated her smiling and wagging technique. It was love at first sight.

We were blessed for six-and-a-half years with this beautiful creature that seemed to brighten up the whole world. She erased all cynicism about nature, which can be so cruel at times in the endless competition for survival that most earthly inhabitants endure. That is because any system that can produce such a precious, loving soul obviously has merit.

It will likely surprise some to learn that Pa’ele was a combination of Labrador and pit bull. She had a beautifully chiseled muscular body coupled with a sweet spirit. Now that she is gone we miss her terribly, but she gave us a new appreciation of life that remains.

Thank you, Princess Pa’ele.

Dan Speas