Even ugly predicaments can have silver linings

In reference to the Feb. 19 article “Film focuses on Hawaii’s internment camps”: What I learned was throwing stones by hostile relatives of families back in their homelands who were subjected to real brutality of war too sensitive to discuss.

I would never condone such hostility but there was a world war. Horrendous crimes were predictable. A suspicious possible espionage was inevitable. Revolution war would have occurred. There would have been more bloodshed.

Let us look at this awful event in positive perspective. Could it be that possible espionage was not the only reason why internment camps were imposed? Could it also be that the camps were a safe haven, especially for families of heroes who have to leave and put themselves in harm’s way to prove their loyalty? Would this gifted filmmaker and leaders such as our remarkable, beloved Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui exist today? They are the silver linings of that ugly predicament.

Goodness in every country is uniform to the whole world. Unfortunately, there are also the bad seeds creating all this physical and mental havoc. They plant their seeds from generation to generation. Within those bad seeds, a portion of good seeds emerge but are torn between their loyalty and morality – retaliation, isolation.

Learning the ugly face of war history that involved discrimination is upsetting, but living it is different story. The evilness of bigotry is alive and it’s a “Peek-A-Boo.”

Let us not forget the consequences of war so it doesn’t happen again.

Irene B. Nakama