Experience changes opinion about MMMC

I was not a fan of Maui Memorial Medical Center. I had always felt their services were substandard.

Then, I was sent to MMMC for a test to see if my heart could handle an operation. The test revealed a clogged valve and badly damaged vessel.

That day, a Friday, I was told I needed open-heart surgery as quickly as possible.

I met Dr. Tracy Dorheim and he quickly relieved my fears. I learned this incredibly talented and humane surgeon was part of a team developed for the new Maui Cardiac Unit at the hospital. There was no need to travel to Oahu.

He operated on me the next Monday and replaced a valve and did a bypass on the damaged vessel. Both the operation and the care of the nursing staff were first class. They took care of me like a king and forever altered my opinion of care at MMMC.

Thanks to Drs. Colin Lee, Michael Dang, Dorheim and a host of nurses, I have fully recovered and feel much better. Please know you are in good hands at MMMC should you need their services.

Steve Harrrison