Fishing and harassment need to stop at Black Rock

On the night of March 11, a few friends and I decided to go diving at Black Rock in Kaanapali.

A couple of fishermen in a lifted blue pickup truck pulled up while we were gearing up on the north side. They were acting kind of belligerent but we gave them a shaka and thought nothing of it.

Halfway through our dive, we noticed little rocks starting to rain down from the cliffs above us. This quickly escalated into boulders the size of a car tire being dropped above us.

These drunken fools were attempting to injure and/or kill us. Worse yet, the rocks were crushing the living coral and wrecking the dive site upon impact.

Why did the resort allow this to happen? The fishermen were on a hotel’s property, had parked their car on the roadway for more than an hour (their truck was still in the same spot when we ended our dive).

Why is fishing legal at a world-class dive and snorkel spot that is marked with swim buoys? Black Rock is a world-class dive destination and should be treated with respect. It is a lot more valuable to the tourist industry than it is to some locals who want to get drunk, catch bait fish, harass tourist females and throw rocks on unsuspecting divers.

Black Rock conservation district now.

Jason Daniel Juarez