Follow through on complaint about rentals

I sense and understand the frustration expressed by a March 7 letter through the comments he made in The Maui News.

As a concerned citizen who believes that everyone should be obeying the laws of the land and that the government responsible for enacting the laws should enforce them, I have the following suggestion: Follow through on your findings.

Send the information you have to Mayor Alan Arakawa and ask him to look into your complaint. He will then be able to forward it to the appropriate county department so it can investigate the matter and take whatever action is necessary so there will be compliance.

Secondly, send a copy of you complaint to the Realtors Association of Maui and ask it to investigate the information regarding the practice of Realtors “renting illegal rentals on Maui.” If what you’ve discovered is true, those Realtors can have their licenses suspended or even revoked if they continue to violate the law.

William T. Kinaka