Gridlock shows Kihei can’t handle more development

On the evening of March 4th, there was a traffic fatality on the Piilani Highway (The Maui News, March 5 and 6).

And, before I continue, let us send our prayers to the family of the deceased.

The point being made here is that once the Maui Police Department closed off a stitch of the highway, South Maui found itself in complete and total gridlock for hours.

Our infrastructure, or lack thereof, is proof positive that we are not ready for the next big thing, as in big-box stores, more shopping centers and tons of so-called affordable housing.

I am not against growth. What I am against is doing things backwards.

We saw and felt the effects on March 4 that Kihei does not have any emergency exits, no backup plans, no more nothing but gridlock.

Probably a good idea to fix this before we move forward, ya think?

Barry K. Winston