Hazardous conditions result of state’s negligence

On March 13, I drove the circuitous Highway 30 from Napili Point northward. I experienced an extremely hazardous road condition that could have caused me great bodily injury or death.

At one point, near Mile Marker 14, I came to a near vertical road section about one-quarter mile long. I began ascending and met a car coming in my direction. Neither car could pass as there are no turnouts except at the beginning and the end of the section in question.

I had to back down several hundred feet. A vertical cliff on one side and a vertical drop-off on the other. There are no warning signs posted.

My wife was on the verge of a heart attack. One other vehicle had occupied the lower bypass; it was because that driver shared the bypass that the other oncoming car could pass us.

In the descent, I badly damaged the right rear bumper panel of my rental car. It is wrong that I have to pay car repairs for an incident that was created by a very dangerous highway condition, not my poor driving.

Please warn other drivers. I feel the state is negligent and should share in my car repair.

I contacted the Maui prosecutor and he referred me to another attorney in his office. I replied and asked that he have that attorney contact me. A week has passed and he hasn’t.

Tony L. Sims

Encinitas, Calif.