Hypocrites saving animals but killing humanity

The food police are out again. Only this time they are attempting a tyrant approach to limit our food source rights. Every year at the beginning of session they normally trot out the goose liver travesty bill. This year they have conned representatives to introduce SB197 and HB1349, much broader approaches.

The laws will criminalize the slaughter for consumption of dogs, cats and horses because they are domestic pets. No consideration of cultural traditions. It’s the animal rightist way or the highway.

The language no doubt will be crafted to be easily interpreted by a liberal court to include sheep, cows, goats, geese and chickens as these often are raised as domestic pets. Through the courts they will gain control over our choice of meat to eat. So sorry, unintended consequences.

The true intent of this elitist group is to maintain power over us. The animal rights elitists do not believe in freedom for humans. They don’t believe that man has the right of dominion over Earth and everything on it as spoken by God in Genesis. Rather they think man is the biggest blight on the face of the Earth.

Believe it or not, there is one endangered species they do not clamor for. Since Roe v. Wade, the unborn human child became most endangered species on Earth with the murder of 54 million babies since becoming law.

Genocidal hypocrites fight for killing humanity and saving animals. Animal rights rule over human? Are they upside down?

Thomas Fairbanks