Jobs can be created without law being abused

Recent letters have been posted expressing pro and con opinions regarding the proposed Piilani Promenade in Kihei. I respect both sides, as their views reflect honest concern for Maui and a desire to do the right thing.

However, a Feb. 26 letter writer implied that the construction approved in 1995 should stand regardless of the flagrant abuse of the original permitting guidelines under the guise of creating new jobs. Jobs can be created without abusing the law.

In Hawaii, every island is different. For example, for those folks who prefer the city hustle and bustle, we have Oahu. The folks who prefer a somewhat slower pace choose to live here. To complain about having to fly to Oahu to shop seems like complaining that you have to fly to Washington to see the Capitol.

Let’s consider a third option to the pro and con of new development. Let’s create new jobs by actually doing existing jobs better. Has anyone ever called three services to get quotes for a job only to have only one service respond after two to three weeks? Are they that busy? Perhaps they should hire more help.

Retail stores restricted by space to expand inventory could improve the quality of the goods they order and stock, thus increasing sales and creating more jobs. And so on.

Perhaps honest self-evaluation and commitment would provide some solutions to problems here on-island.

Roy Ayala