Leader suggested for effort to reform of gun laws

“I am so tired of reading in the opinions about irresponsible gun owners that I could puke” (Letters, Feb. 23).

My favorite Maui-based reactionary goes on to proudly admit to being “a NRA-certified Range Safety Officer with one of many qualified groups that teach safety courses” which “take firearm safety very, very seriously” and that “background checks and firearm education are required in Hawaii.”

I find that very, very reassuring.

He goes on to declare that “there are hundreds of responsible gun owners who have done everything lawfully right to have the privilege of owning a firearm.”

What a breath of fresh air. To hear someone from the far right acknowledge the need for gun regulation is comforting. Now if he will use his powers of persuasion to enlighten his fellow travelers why sensible regulations are needed across the country, we could all feel safer.

“Joe the Plumber” served as the McCain-Palin standard bearer. Perhaps “Steve the Gunner” could carry the torch for the Obama-Biden administration for gun regulatory reform. How about it?

Keith Echeverri