Legislators are again looking to rob the counties

On March 18, the Maui News Opinion page carried yet another editorial expressing its concern with the state trying to take tax money that has traditionally belonged to the counties.

We’re talking, of course, about the county shares of the transient accommodation tax (SB 359) and, now, the public utility franchise tax (SB 1213).

Our illustrious state legislators undoubtedly consider it taking back what they’ve so kindly given the counties, but we in Hawaii’s counties see it as nothing less than theft.

Why does this come up in every legislative session? Because our legislators are cowards. They haven’t the nerve to increase the income tax out of fear of losing votes. They haven’t the character to take on the efficiency of the massive bureaucracies they’ve created. And the unions have them completely cowed.

You can’t fix a problem by just throwing money at it. You’ve got to fix it.

What’s worse? We the voters who sit idly by and lack the courage to demand better. We keep electing the same people and expect things to change. That’s insanity, people.

Al Rabold