Limbaugh is the living embodiment of irrelevance

Rush Limbaugh is as relevant as an old pope. Over the past 20 years, he has been wrong on most of the major issues of America.

He was wrong on four presidential elections. He was wrong about weapons of mass destruction and war. He continues to be wrong about the recovering economy and the steady rise of the stock market. While the market for stocks has risen, he has been saddled with municipal bonds and a tech stock that declined 300 points in recent months. He is wrong every day concerning the president and his wife.

He betrayed himself by overdosing on drugs and damaging his hearing. He has lost his main national corporate sponsorship. He is totally behind the social curve regarding gays and immigration.

And, most of all, he still knows nothing about various forms of government, politics and economics.

One would think that Scandinavia does not exist or that more than 2 billion people do not live in India and China. As for Africa, he knows nothing.

If he is not the living embodiment of irrelevance, who or what is?

Raphael O’Suna