Lots of talk, no action on fixing water problems

The endless water problem: It’s been more than 40 years ago since, at an Upcountry public meeting, we were assured that the will of the residents would prevail. Along with better roads and access, the overwhelming need by residents was a plentiful and clean water supply.

Since then, every time we have elections, the politicians’ mouths – apparently set on automatic – start spouting the fraudulent talk about how, if we vote for them, the Upcountry water problem would be solved. There has been almost no effort that comes close to what’s needed.

I’m sure that even I could design a low-cost supplementary catchment system that would certainly be enough for now and easily added to as growth continues. Is there any doubt that more than enough water falls as rain?

The ongoing problem that has plagued Maui is that those we entrust with our vote think more about who is coming – some not even born yet – and pay little or no attention to the needs of those already here.

In any case, after so many years, the so-called good faith promises have become lies and we cannot have our elected public servants continue to lie.

Pippo Schillaci