Maui has acquired a troubling state of mind

A community may be modeled according to one or more states of consciousness.

There is the Chamber of Commerce state, which believes that business is the source of a community’s wealth, health and happiness. This level of consciousness seeks to promote commerce, tourism and most expenditures.

A contrary view is that a community is healthier, wiser and richer in essential living, when the environment is shaped around people, nature and aesthetics. This view abhors construction and development along shores, on the sides of mountains and at airports.

A third way is a wise blending of the other two preferences. This view believes that green and red zones need to be established; that nature, still vital and beautiful, must not be sacrificed repeatedly for commerce.

Europeans have a long tradition of believing that nature has no real value until man sets to work upon it. This view values production, exploitation of resources and wealth for the benefit of relatively few. This notion acquiesces to the killing of species, the destruction of the last ancient redwood grove, the ruination of rivers by building dams, the extinction of fisheries and the destruction of water sources and topsoil. Their rallying cry is “jobs,” but their motive is greed and acquisition.

I fear that Maui has acquired that Chamber of Commerce state of mind.

Raphael O’Suna