More and more of bill being forced on little guy

I worked 42 years and contributed to my Social Security, and so did my employer, so that when I retired I would have a good retirement.

It was never an entitlement from the government. I worked for it, and for the government to say it is an entitlement and give me half of what I contributed is worse than stealing.

Now lawmakers want to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the military when things get rough. John Kerry is going to give millions in taxpayer money for aid to help the rebels.

Why take from the poor and give to the rich? The Republicans and Democrats can take off once a week from work and help end these huge money problems that America is facing. One day a week won’t even put a dent in their paychecks. But, no, the government wants the little guy to foot the bill.

Cut aid to those Third World countries and bring home the troops. The countries that we are trying to help don’t want us anyway.

Then, on Maui, we have the mayor who wants us to pay 5 percent more for water when there is a drought Upcountry. The county should pay us because we are not getting what we pay for.

Then the mayor gets a 19 percent raise. For what?

Water meters are $16,000, are the county officials nuts? More than 40 years and nothing has been done to improve our water system and they want more money?

Allen Vierra