More funding is needed for spay/neuter programs

Thank you for publishing the Feb. 23 Viewpoint regarding the new animal welfare organization on Maui called SPCA Maui.

I appreciate their efforts to provide low-cost spay and neuter sterilization surgeries for dogs and cats on our island.

To reduce the killing of animals at the public shelter (operated by Maui Humane Society), there needs to be fewer puppies and kittens born.

Last fiscal year, approximately 8,700 live animals entered the shelter. Out of those, 5,710 were killed by the shelter, so 66 percent of animals entering the shelter are killed there. There were 375 animals transferred to other organizations (like HARF and Boo Boo Zoo), 820 animals were reclaimed by owners and 1,800 animals were adopted.

If you want to help lower the number of animals entering the shelter, only to be killed by the shelter, contact the County Council members, the Mayor’s Office and the Department of Housing and Human Concerns. Ask them to spend a lot more money on low-cost spay/neuter programs. Also, ask them to allow other organizations such as HARF, SPCA Maui, 9th Life, Boo Boo Zoo (EMAR) and others to apply for the money in a competitive bid process.

Richard St. Gaudens