More warning signs could help avert tragedies

I have been to Hawaii many, many times – all islands and almost all activities. I just returned from a month on Maui.

I was on the Waihou Forest Reserve loop trail when a Colorado man fell and died Feb. 2 after falling off of a cliff on the spur trail down to the spring. I was with his wife for up to an hour, up until when the fire chief pronounced him dead.

A recent study of Twitter users ranked Hawaii as the happiest state in the union. I can agree with that. I know that on virtually all trips to Hawaii I feel as if I am in a special place where virtually nothing can harm me or make me unhappy. Therein can lie a problem. Many hiking trails in Hawaii can be very dangerous, with one misstep leading to fatal consequences. I recall one on the coast west of Princeville on Kauai. Also, flash floods can be a real danger.

Possibly, more signs warning of the potential hazards on each trail would be useful. Also, signs citing the possibility of a rogue wave sweeping a person off of coastal rocks is important for those new to Hawaii.

Stewart Eads