More waste is seen by DLNR in purchase of boat

In response to a March 16 article on the Department of Land and Natural Resources having a new vessel in its fleet: Why? That is more wasted money which could have been used in other ways to support the people of Hawaii.

Where is the equipment that was purchased when this homeland security came into the picture? Personal watercraft, speed boats, zodiacs – where did all of this go? I know – one is in a lot on the side of Kihei harbor, another in Makena, just rotting away.

The district attorney’s office should look into this wasted taxpayer money. How many boats are by the hospital (DLNR) office or, better yet, in the old Kahului Armory (enclosed area not open to public)?

There should be an all-out investigation on this. The public has the right to know how wasteful the department is by not using what it already has on hand.

Rudy Sumabat