Mother grateful for compassion shown by police

The single worst thing that can happen to a parent is the unexpected loss of a child.

Recently, I found myself in that very possibility. My 11-year-old had not returned from school by 6 p.m. He was always respectful and never got in trouble. He was your classic good boy.

Family and friends then began searching the neighborhood, parks, schools and other gathering places.

By 8 p.m. my son was still missing. I called the police to make a missing person report.

Lt. Clyde Holokai and officer Randy Pauley arrived. They were incredibly compassionate. They took all my son’s information and put out a bulletin to look for him. They helped search the shopping centers, hospital and airport. A detective arrived, Stephen Orikasa, and he joined the others in the investigation.

My son did not return home until the following morning, when he actually showed back up at school. His story is not the purpose of this letter.

This letter is to thank Lt. Holokai, officer Pauley, Detectives Orikasa and Wendell Loo for the compassion they showed me in my most stressful night ever. They, and their fellow officers kept up the search throughout the night.

It is truly nice to know that Maui has a compassionate Police Department made up of humans and, most importantly, parents.

Jackie Tavares