MPD’s traffic mismanagement needs to be investigated

The imbecilic management of the March 4 fatal traffic accident on the Piilani Highway and its aftermath needs to be investigated (The Maui News, March 5 and 6).

All automobile accidents have consequences, some more serious than others. They also have one common denominator: Resultant traffic must be managed so as not to cause further hardship to the populace.

Many residents of Maui suffered hardship as a consequence of the poor police response.

The Maui Police Department obviously failed the people of Maui in its handling of the accident. What is the explanation for patrol vehicles continuously driving back and forth between checkpoints? Why weren’t the heavily clogged intersections – with traffic in all directions brought to a standstill – managed by trained, uniformed personnel? How does the MPD propose to deal with emergency situations of this nature in the future?

The mayor, chief and council need to ensure that qualified investigators, trained in accident management, are available in the future. The MPD needs to be able to do more than issue citations. The bollixed handling of this accident must not be repeated.

Tom Smith