New airport access could have happened years ago

The new access way to the Kahului Airport (The Maui News, March 3) could have happened years ago had the community supported it when Linda Lingle and the late Goro Hokama introduced a resolution promoting the lengthening of the Kahului Airport runway, since the length was only 6,995 feet and considered unsafe.

It was our perception that a longer runway was safer but many malihini thought it would become an international airport, encouraging more growth we hadn’t planned for and, as opposition grew, we eventually dropped the idea.

Now, we see Dairy Road has become a mini race track, scaring away many seniors. But relief is on the way.

Soon, visitors will have a direct lane to the airport and better car rental facilities that will reduce hazardous traffic conditions for all, while speeding up the process of returning and renting a car.

My hanai son, who manages Hertz operations in the state as well as Southern California and Nevada, is finally seeing his lobbying efforts implemented not only here, but at the Honolulu International Airport as well.

Dairy Road businesses will see more islanders entering their stores and restaurants. The kupuna will be on the move again.

By the way, the resolution was introduced in the late 1980s, about 25 years ago.

Rick Medina